Brian Worthington & Associates

Congratulations to Brian Worthington & Associates who have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Brian Worthington & Associates has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.


Complete restoration and renovation of an important early 20th Century country house on the gold coast of Long Island built for the Taft family (former president of the USA).

Brian Worthington & Associates wanted to respect and create a harmonious interior to the exterior of the property with beautifully scaled and proportioned furniture. 95% of the furniture is antique/vintage from the UK and France, quiet luxury was key design aspect with cashmere walling bringing the design together. There is a great connection between the architecture, the interior and the location. It is a wonderful combination that ticks all of the boxes of appropriateness.

Brian Worthington & Associates

Brian Worthington wanted to blend British modern art with the 18th Century/ early 19th Century.  Understated elegance was paramount to the design philosophy and the clients understanding as the project developed was key. It was crucial that the monochromatic back drop did not to compete with the natural beautiful surroundings of the property. It was recommended that a man-made pond below the lower lawn at the rear of the property should be installed and the clients happily approved. The pond is truly the exterior feature of the property now and is a focal point from the drawing room and dining room.

Brian Worthington & Associates

Brian Worthington & Associates had complete control of the turn key installation. They selected every element of the interior including the furniture, fabrics, carpets, books, artwork and all accessories. Everything was chosen under the detailed eye of Brian to ensure they respected and enhanced the restoration of the interior.

Brian Worthington & Associates

The design works so well because the period details are correct and incredibly subtle with unequal refinement. The design has a classical foundation with contemporary 21st Century requirements of how one lives today in an incredibly hectic world. It is an oasis from the second you drive through the driveway to when you walk into the entry foyer. It sets the tone for this incredible relationship between the interior spaces and exterior of the property.

A project can only end up being absolute perfection when you have outstanding design, craftsman ship and the most open-minded client.


Brian Worthington & Associates

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