Congratulations to BTL Property Ltd shortlisted for Luxury Residence – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that BTL Property Ltd  have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – London Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017.

This project was a full house refurbishment as well as a full basement development. The scope of the works included the specification of all joinery, hard finishes, bathrooms, lighting, paint, and all soft furnishings. This was to be a full house refurbishment with the purpose to not only create far more space for the client and their family but to drastically move away from how the house was previously themed and decorated. The client had always been a keen antique furniture collector as well as having a keen eye for French art, and thus, this was indeed the feel for the house prior to the works starting.
BTL, Chiddingston St At the start of the project the brief was to simply update the scheme and modernise the furniture, colours and hard finishes, but the focus was still the same; to invest in iconic furniture and design classics, in particular themed around the ‘Italian modernism’ revival. Lighting was to be a key feature in every space and lead the development of the schemes of each room. It was key to challenge the rules of proportions, as the kitchen lighting shows, as well as work closely with our in-house architects to make sure that decorative lighting was highlighted by sleek architectural features. This is certainly a great example of both architectural design and interior design working together seamlessly in order to create a space that is dramatic, timeless and modern; these words becoming the underlying brief the whole way through the project and the end goal for all the designers involved.
BTL, Chiddingston StThe key aspect of the project was to invest in timeless yet modern architectural features as well as furnishings. Our favourite aspect was using lighting as the source of the interior design as this is usually something that is brought in later in the project. The importance of great lighting is sometimes an afterthought by the client in most projects. The collaboration between the architectural designers and interior designers on this project was something that elevated the design scope of this property. Every design decision was thought through in relation to anything from the furnishings to the structure of the property.
BTL, Chiddingston StThe natural finishes in the oak flooring and marble tiling, the substantial use of glass, bringing the outside inside, and the sheer feeling of space, being triggered by dropping the floor levels to create dramatic ceiling heights, all lead to a feeling that this property was connected to the outside world.

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