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Burj Khalifa Residences -105 floor by CK Architecture & Interiors

CK Architecture have been shortlisted for Residential Property £2.5-5 Million (Property by Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Unity is the result of when elements in a space combine to make a balanced, harmonious, and complete whole. This is what CK Architecture has achieved with their project on the 105th Floor of the Burj Khalifa. The designers spent a lot of time on the concept stage to ensure that the client and his family were at the forefront of the design, with their lifestyle and requirements being considered. The bright open plan property that is the result of this is tailored to the residents, being elegant yet functional.

CK Architecture

A light colour palette was chosen for the walls and floors of the residence to allow each ‘room’ to flow into each other, and create unity within the space. In doing this, the perception of space is altered as the open spacial planning seems to expand the available space in the property. The furnishing elements create a contrast in themselves, however in creating this contrast in the design, they are in harmony with the concept.

CK Architecture

Minimalist and soft shades of material were used in the open kitchen for a calm atmosphere as well as the transition between spaces. The column provides a centre to the residence, acting as a deep-textured meeting point of three areas -living, dining and kitchen. The soft tones are continued in the bathroom, along with marble and copper materials for a contemporary style and a sense of depth and luxury.

CK Architecture

CK Architecture’s repetition of design elements like colour, texture, shape and form throughout the property achieves harmony and creates a composition. The finishes applied to the surface create a fresh and clean space that works well for the overall concept but also remains functional. Natural lighting filters through every room of the apartment, and was something that CK Architecture considered when selecting colour tones and fabric textures. Beyond its functional purpose, light can set the atmosphere of a space and so CK Architecture used lighting features throughout the residence to define the lines and textures which add depth, and the colours which unite the design.

CK Architecture

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