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Calcutta by Kyle & Co Design Studio

Kyle & Co. Design Studio have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Canada Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The design of Kyle & Co. Design Studio’s Calcutta project works so well because of the continuous flow from space to space, and the close attention that the designers payed to keeping the palette consistent. A dark palette fills a very contemporary space with character and comfort, and rich materials are showcased to add texture and movement to the space. In utilising materials that exhibited depth, it helped to create a warm and comfortable environment despite being a sleek and modern property. Raw materials take centre stage in this home, and custom pieces for the metal features and master bedroom make this a unique home design.

Kyle & Co. Design Studio

The overall palette consisted of warm brasses, olive greens, marble textures, burnished brass, crushed royal blue velvets, and stark contrasts between black and white. Kyle & Co. Design Studio felt this design palette represented rich, bold and timeless material for a lasting design. As a completed project, the bespoke design, Italian crafted furniture, and natural materiality creates a rich dramatic design that the clients can call home. A key aspect of the sleek design was to keep everything that needed to be hidden, hidden. The designers’ utilised metal panels and created a custom track system that would slide these expansive panels apart to reveal the television. In the master and the upstairs lounge, tv lifts hide the television in the footboard and the fireplace wall. It was very important for Kyle & Co. Design Studio to let their design speak for itself, without being disturbed by or sacrificing the necessities.

Kyle & Co. Design Studio

This design integrates into its immediate environment by complimenting the landscape of the Edmonton River Valley. The house is situated on top of the landscape overlooking nature and the untouched river valley. The unobstructed views make you feel that you are secluded from an urban setting and one with the environment. Kyle & Co. Design Studio’s choice of materials and seating integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment and the choices of material and colour within the house pull from nature itself. Hues of greens, browns and blues mimic nature’s own colour palette which help allow the design to feel warm and in line with the exterior environment.

Kyle & Co. Design Studio

Kyle & Co. Design Studio

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