Cameron Woo Design Shortlisted In The International Product Design Awards 2014

Cameron Woo Design Is Shortlisted For The Table Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

The inspiration for the design was derived from a table runner.  In this case, the “table runner” is the inset panels of gold timber representing the River of Gold. This River of Gold acts as a design metaphor for all to enjoy dining at a prosperous and bountiful table. The burling texture on the gold oak panels represent the moving swirls of a river stream. In Chinese culture, moving water is a symbol of “chi” (positive energy) and luck.


Whilst the table appears as one piece, it is actually comprised of three parts. The separate parts are harmoniously merged to look like a single long five metre table with the following materials and finishes: polished Calacutta book-matched marble stone slabs; book-matched wire brushed and metallized solid oak panels; mirror polished brass metal; and, crystal clear lucite legs with brass rod inserts to give the effect of a floating massive tabletop.

Cameron-Woo-TableCentre insert panels – can be removed and replaced with different panels to change the look of the table or changed to celebrate a special seasonal occasion.
The table design allows the client to reconfigure the dining room to entertain with flexibility.
The center removable panels have no screws. They are magnetized and backed with velvet fabric lining for ease of removing and replacing without damaging the table.
The marble stone slabs are carefully hand selected for its pattern veining and are book matched.The solid oak timber panels are carefully hand selected for its bookmatched burling and pattern.
All the individual stone and timber panels are chamfered.
The mirror polished brass shadowline borders match perfectly when the adjoing tables are butted together.
The brass rod inserts were cast in the lucite legs to give a crystal clear, seamless look.  No glue has been used during the manufacturing process.