Carkeek Design Partners

Congratulations to Carkeek Design Partners shortlisted for Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Carkeek Design Partners have been shortlisted for the Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

The yachting industry consists of sailing superyachts and racing yachts, however, rarely does one encounter a yacht concept capturing the essence of cutting edge racing performance with superyacht luxury and style. In the automotive world the Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini concepts and brand would fit the description.

Carkeek Design Partners

Carkeek Design Partner’s goal behind this Carkeek 80 design is to deliver the ultimate high performance dual purpose racing daysailor. The new Carkeek 80 daysailor- racer is a new breed of yacht concept for the sailing connoisseur who appreciates unprecedented uncompromising racing performance and iconic cutting-edge style. The unparalleled performance, style, innovation and state of the art systems, combined with meticulous detailing and an element of comfort and luxury are key features on the design. The yacht is designed to transition seamlessly between racing and cruise modes at the touch of a button allowing owners and guests to enjoy racing and cruising modes in the same outing.

The yacht’s innovative deck design layout, transforms from flush race mode to a comfortable day-cruise with automated folding seats and a winged style sunroof. The C 80 incorporates the most advanced yet simple operating systems, enhancing the users experience on all occasions. The Carkeek 80  features a custom state of the art retracting electric propulsion system from EEL electric. The interior and exterior spaces and interfaces work harmoniously to achieve balance and the design features a large open plan loft-style interior with large glass skylights.

Carkeek Design Partners

The Carkeek 80 could even be the ultimate toy on deck of a +90m motoryacht. With two modes; superyacht racing and performance daysailing, the yacht systems run off 100% electric power – combining hydro-re-gen, solar and wind charging sources. The seamless design and flow between user modes is said to be the designer’s favourite aspect. The two modes; daysail sailing and racing, utilizing the innovative cockpit, entertainment arrangement and folding winged bimini sunroofs, are key features within the design which introduces of an innovative interior and exterior design language to creates a unique user experience.

The cutting-edge concept is achieved through a meticulous and exhaustive design optimization process, blending Carkeek’s tremendous racing success and experience with his unique design and styling capabilities. The result is pure art form with minimum compromise, a unique yacht  for a niche clientele who appreciate and demand the best of both worlds through high performance and style.

Carkeek Design Partners

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