Congratulations to Carkeek Design Partners Winners of the Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Carkeek Design Partners were the Winners of the Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

The Carkeek C 300 Global Explorer was conceived to challenge current superyacht design and performance thinking and, in doing so, introduce a new generation of performance superyachts. The Carkeek C 300 represents a unique skill set for both naval architecture and styling, projecting the Carkeek design ethos. Carkeek Design’s brief was to create a new generation global sailing superyacht with unprecedented performance under both sail and motor over extended distances.
C300-Rev-04---SET-2---Scene-1-thumbnaileditThe challenge was to develop an exceptional sailing yacht, with the ability to re-shape the current superyacht design arena. Carkeek Design wanted to introduce their technology and extensive Americas Cup, Volvo, Grand Prix racing experience into the superyacht market, but also introduce their unique abilities to combine state-of the art naval architectural skills, hydro and aerodynamic expertise seamlessly with the highest level of design, styling and engineering. The new C 300 is a considerable yacht on all fronts, however their focus was to utilize each space carefully thus creating a variety of equally enjoyable yet unique experiences depending on the time of day or mode/state of play.C300-Rev-04---Scene-3-thumbnaileditIn line with the growing demand for eco-friendly yachts, the goal was to produce an efficient, autonomous sailing platform with the lowest energy consumption. The C 300 project involved extensive R&D, harnessing their latest CFD/VPP tools and methodology, into the optimization of the hull, rig, appendages and seakeeping, introducing a new direction into the superyacht arena.

The yacht offers an unprecedented design platform in combination with the propulsion systems, heating, cooling and storage. The system’s design takes full advantage of the latest hybrid technology and retracting propulsion systems. The use of solar power has been maximized on the deck and superstructure. The interior and exterior are designed and optimized to reduce energy consumption. Carkeek Design currently has a wide range of sailing and motor yacht superyacht projects on the table ranging from 30m to 200m. C300-Rev-04---Scene-6-thumbnailedit

Carkeek Design Partners