Carte Blanche Design

Belgravia Gate 10 by Carte Blanche Design

Carte Blanche Design have been Shortlisted for  Luxury Residence – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Carte Blanche Design have composed the aesthetic of the different spaces, inspired by the cosmopolitan London Lifestyle while located within a historical Grade-II building. The project embraces and unites the beauty and sophistication of the existing building whilst providing a feeling of privacy and retreat that allows the family members to participate and engage in the larger spaces.

Carte Blanche Design

This fusion was meticulously orchestrated by mixing the classical wood flooring and wall panelling with exquisite stone finishes and modern take on contemporary furniture. By playing with lower, more relaxed and “laid-back” seating height, a palette of neutral and refined tones, soft textures and elegant upholstery that contrasts with the few accent colours, the designers have redefined their client’s view on the experience of luxury. Located under a mansard, Carte Blanche Design used open shelves and mirrors to extend, reflect and reduce the feeling of a lower ceiling height and of a smaller space. By introducing bespoke elements throughout the project, they added an undeniable level of sophistication and warmth to the overall design.

Carte Blanche Design

With lighting as a key design feature, the client wanted to get elegant features that created a sense of place, and so the designers collaborated with Alain Ellouz, whom together created a collection specifically designed for this project. Baydeko has manufactured all the joineries and their skills were particularly noticeable in the entrance hall. The bronze work of the staircase with the integration of shadow gaps and lighting, in contrast to the timber panelling on the walls, is just as exquisite as the silver leaf material in the coffered ceiling.

Carte Blanche Design

By bringing careful attention to the details, the narratives implemented are timeless and permanently relevant. The designers managed to maintain a consistent level of sophistication while providing a feeling of privacy where needed and of grandeur in the communal spaces. The scheme was designed to blend the classical environment with a more contemporary approach. The design flows with beauty and pragmatic use of materials and elements to integrate seamlessly in this exquisite backdrop.

Carte Blanche Design

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