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Cayambe by Denton House Design Studio

Denton House Design Studio have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Americas Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Cayambe evokes its muse with its commanding presence, tailored elegance, and honourable respect to its natural surroundings. It is a true oasis in the desert.

Denton House Design Studio

Cayambe is nestled in the natural desert landscape of Las Vegas, Nevada. This residence was inspired by the client’s home country of Ecuador and its impressive volcanic complex, Nevado Cayambe. The architecture imitates the great expanse and dominance of the volcanic range, while the interior architecture and design complement the natural tones found in the surrounding landscape. The juxtaposition of materials and varying textures provide moments of high-contrast and drama as if paying tribute to the uniquely snow-capped volcano.

Denton House Design Studio

The client desired a delicate balance of clean lines and sleek finishes, elegance and comfort, open spaces that can be enjoyed privately or while entertaining a large group. The supple yet refined furnishings add a layer of sophistication and warmth as they spill from inside to out with a crisp connection of interior and exterior environments. A large portion of the exterior consists of operable glazing to feature Cayambe’s gorgeous views of Red Rock Canyon during the day and the twinkle of the Las Vegas Strip in the evening. Fitted with an inspiring library, a seamless kitchen experience, intimate formal dining and living spaces, wine exhibition and tasting room, five unique bedrooms, home theatre, game rooms and elongated exterior terraces; This residence provides multiple options to gather the community, the family, or retire quietly to read your favourite book.

The interaction which occurs between the interior and exterior is strong. This strength is amplified within the reflection of the facade on the still water of the infinity pool. Cayambe’s rectilinear forms, respectful materials and canopies extend through the sky, stretching ones view beyond the elongated mountain range.

Denton House Design Studio

The introduction of curiosities collected throughout adventurous journeys, the comforting hand of finely woven alpaca blankets, the flicker of a dancing flame. All senses are awakened as they evoke the essence of Cayambe.

Denton House Design Studio

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