Champalimaud Design Shortlisted for the Lobby/Public Areas/Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Champalimaud Design have been shortlisted for the Lobby/Public Areas/Lounge Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014.

The New York Palace redesign honours the hotel’s classic and historical elements with a transitional modern edge.



Remaining true to the New York Palace’s classic aesthetic, the main Lobby was transformed into a brighter, more contemporary space by streamlining and redefining the existing architectural elements. Vibrant leather fabrics, blue lounge chairs and artwork add splashes of color to the off-white envelope. A Diego Rivera-inspired mural wraps around the second floor crown moulding, telling the story of the Villard family, who owned a railroad and shipping enterprise during the industrialisation age when the Villard Mansion was built. References to New York’s harbour are depicted through ships and trains.


A stone floor pattern inspired by an Italian Renaissance motif grounds the lobby level. Other highlights include a massive sparkling chandelier, comprised of hundreds of hand-blown glass spheres, that draws attention to the Lobby’s gold leaf ceiling and historic marble fireplace. The circulation that was created between designated areas, whether the reception, lounge bar or corridor, established a fluidity which had not previously existed in the space.  A restricted colour palette also helps to unite the space.



The Lobby Lounge provides a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The light reflected from the hand-wrought bronze sconces lining the lounge’s rich macassar ebony walls creates a warm and inviting atmosphere allowing for easy transitions from morning coffee to afternoon tea and cocktail service.