Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

St. Regis San Francisco Guestroom by Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc. have been shortlisted for Hotel Suite – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

San Francisco is a city that has gone through many transformations. Its architecture is a conversation of what was, what is and what could be; a multitude of contrasting styles, which layered together, create a single identifiable whole that is uniquely San Francisco. In contrast to its architecture, it also lies on soft curves of the nearby hills and of course its namesake bay. It is no wonder that San Francisco has evolved into a hub for innovation and a gathering place for luminaries.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

With these understandings, Chapi Chapo set out to layer old with new, natural with synthetic, old world with high tech. Discerning details designed to make a mark and live up to the refined layers that compose this ever-changing city. The forms of the topographic reliefs and contours are also explored, design elements will play with the soft rolling forms of the hills and shores, as well the voids created by peaks and valleys. Taking a note from the latest tech releases, the design strives to be integrated, streamlined and intuitive, while maintaining contemporary minimal forms. The guestroom bed headboard is faux leather and to get the perfect curve, to not only re-imagine the hills, but to get the fabric to lie consistent was a challenge in the project.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

The key design aspect of the project was the layering of forms and deriving the design language from the view out of the guestroom window. Chapi Chapo Design Inc were so successful in their design because every aspect really reflected the city and its uniqueness. The subtle curves of the hills to the combination of materials, all intertwining together to create a timeless and understated luxury. The guestroom integrates well into the wider environment through its understated luxury, which in turn makes it approachable on many levels. Great design doesn’t need to be overtly present, it can be subtle and refined, with the simplest of details executed perfectly.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

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