Chapi Chapo Design

St. Regis Toronto Residences Lobby by Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc. have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Working with a sophisticated and eclectic art and furniture collection, Chapi Chapo Design created a refined and elegant environment, without being ostentatious, fusing together the old attitude of British aristocracy with the new Canadian modern. Like every individual who calls Toronto home is unique, the details are also unique and filled with colour and personality, reflecting the mosaic of the people.

Chapi Chapo Design

Rising from what once was a crude land, modern skyscrapers clad with gold seem to touch the sky. Chapi Chapo Design called it architectural watermarks. Definite and sometimes austere, these structures are built around, and sometimes above their smaller, softer older ancestors who have their own story to tell. Softer and rounder architectural details of Toronto have given way to harder and straighter lines. It is through the juxtaposition of old and new, hard and soft that textural elements and combination of materials that Chapi Chapo Design brought insight to create unexpected and refined detailing throughout the Lobby where welcoming a homeowner of the St. Regis Residences.

Chapi Chapo Design

The key design aspect of the project is the sophisticated and modern approach to traditional elements, exquisite details and a recognizable portrait of Canadian exclusivity. It was a successful transformation from a black and white space to a luxurious setting with rich colours and soft textures to not only welcome a homeowner, but their guests as well. The shelves/screen partitions create a very comfortable atmosphere and act like see through dividers between two functions of the space.

Chapi Chapo Design

The St. Regis brand is synonymous with elegance. Its guests and residents expect a certain level of sophistication. Without being too extravagant, Chapi Chapo Design tried to marry old world detailing with a modern twist, making the design approachable for all of Toronto’s unique and travelled citizens.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

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