Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

St. Regis Hotel SPA by Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc. have been shortlisted for Spa – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

There may be no more of a stereotypical idea of Canada than ice and all its forms. From great sheets under foot to flakes falling from above, nothing brings Canadians together more than ice. This simple element, with its complex crystal formations, not only helped build a country, but in many ways, reflects each Canadian’s story.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Whether it’s the tradition of skating on frozen creeks and ponds, the steel blade etching its artistry into a momentary canvas, or the sugar shack with its fresh maple taffy on snow, ice is written in memories that will not be forgotten. Taking inspiration from this element and all its traditions, interior details of the SPA will replicate this connection Canadians have with ice and its contrast of texture and colour.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

The key design aspect of the project is the atmosphere of subtlety and refinement, transcending the ordinary. Icicle inspired details, layering of materials, combination of glossy and soft, shimmery textures throughout the SPA truly connect to the design narrative. Chapi Chapo used specialist artisan skills in this project, they paid a lot of attention to special connections of materials (coloured mirror connection with wood), elegantly crafted details (rounded reflected metal work for the decorative lighting), stone curved details for reception desk.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

Chapi Chapo’s design for the SPA works so well as it reflects not only unique design but also comfort through a residential feel that it is very important for a relaxing feeling of the SPA. The guest flow through the SPA was very well planned throughout the space considering the existing conditions. The design integrates well into the wider environment as the importance and extraordinary aspect of the design is for it to reach all people. Chapi Chapo believe their design is elegant enough to be luxury for the seasoned spa goer, but comfortable enough for the occasional guest. The design simultaneously reflects a feeling of both luxury and comfort.

Chapi Chapo Design Inc.

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