Chateau Inspiration by The Hardwood Floor Company

The Hardwood Floor Company have been shortlisted for Flooring Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The design brief of the project was to Provide an interesting and bold statement floor that will act as the perfect foundation for a beautiful bespoke kitchen and complementary fitted furniture in the kitchen dining and entertainment area of this project. Rather than the floor being passive it was to be a talking point without being over whelming.

The Hardwood Flooring Company

The favourite part of the project for the designer was the Client. She was brave enough to take a leap of faith in the designer and was in the end rewarded for her trust in The Hardwood Flooring Company’s innovation. More importantly, she absolutely loves it!

The Hardwood Flooring Company

The design works so well due to the variations in colour, texture and tone picks up on much of the chosen colour palette and to some extent dominates the space while seamlessly tying every room together.

The design of the flooring was made to stand out as opposed to integrating, it was supposed to be bold and daring, it was supposed to reflect the clients sense of adventure, it was supposed to be a horizontal piece of furniture. This was achieved and created a great addition to the space making for a seamless kitchen design throughout that the client was extremely happy with.

The Hardwood Flooring Company

The Process to create this bespoke flooring takes over a week to apply by hand one of seven finishing techniques to produce. The layering of texturing, thumb filling, bleaching, surface flaming and colour oils to finish is truly bespoke.

The Hardwood Flooring Company

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