Chelsea Barracks by Elicyon

Elicyon have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – UK Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Elicyon managed and executed the spatial layout and interior design for three of the entrance foyers at Chelsea Barracks. Two located at Whistler Square, as well as a third on Mulberry Square. They each echo one another in their stylistic details; the bespoke furnishings, the carefully selected artworks, the energising natural lighting, and the polished sleek feel, strived for in any luxurious entrance way.


The grand hallway at Whistler Square, the larger of the three, was curated in a way that prevents the space from being too imposing, with an elegant opened up seating area to the immediate left upon entering, and then a more private and discreet layout of seating areas nestled further down along the hallway, it provides the residents with a clear choice as to what sort of area they want to relax in at that moment. The artwork chosen for each entrance, was carefully sourced to suit the welcoming and stylish environment of the spaces; most strikingly, a floral installation repeated in each of the three spaces.


During the design brief, Elicyon gaged exactly what the client’s objectives were for the feel and style of the spaces. An overall requirement was for these common areas to feel intimate, rather than existing as big open spaces. This was considered carefully – for instance the seating layout and arrangements in the spa area were sparse and spread out, similarly in the entrance way which provides multiple areas for sitting- depending on the mood the resident might be in.

The Cinema Room was a highlight of this project. The core idea was to create a sense of ‘theatre going’ and indulgence to the room. Steeped in our story of the Botanist, the colour palette is rich and seductive. The overall impression is meant to hark back to theatre going in the 1950’s where the Ritz for example had a really sumptuous carpeted interior. This theatricality is reinforced with the manner in which the little ‘toadstool’ table lamps cast an interesting shadow.


Elicyon incorporated the history of the space into the design brief and drew upon the rich history of the individuals that lived in this area of London centuries ago. The work amenities are decorated with ‘cabinets of curiosities’, trinkets that would have been collected by the botanists and intellectuals who lived in Chelsea.


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