Cittolin Polli & Associés SA: Shortlisted for the Bedroom Award

Cittolin Polli & Associés SA have been shortlisted in the ID&A Awards 2014, with their project entering the Bedroom category.

PA_Residence Belles Rives_lot 2_052

This project is a fine example of a Master room disposed around a private garden, designed for welfare with mixing natural materials and outdoor lighting.

PA_Residence Belles Rives_lot 2_046

The Master bedroom has been thoughtfully arranged around a private garden to offer a luxurious space that makes the best use of the garden’s soft natural light and ventilation.

The careful placing of the garden between the bedroom and bathroom lends both spaces a spa-type sense of wellness that continually evolves with the seasons.

PA_Residence Belles Rives_lot 2_057

This unique ambiance is further accentuated by the harmonious use of quality, natural and reflective materials, including white marble, black glass furniture and mirrored walls.

PA_Residence Belles Rives_lot 2_044

A favorite feature for the team is the treatment of the natural light of the garden and materials such as white marble, black glasses.

The design works well because it gives an impression of nature as one is in the room or in the bathroom.

PA_Residence Belles Rives_lot 2_050