Cittolin Polli & Associés SA: Shortlisted for the Retail Space Award

Cittolin Polli & Associés SA have been shortlisted for the ID&A Awards 2014, with their project competing for the Retail Space Award.

Rainford showroom thumbnail

A retail space dedicated exclusively to selling a residential project with all the choices of materials and environment needed to support customers.


Showroom at the “Hameau du Golf” is a luxury residential project attached to the world famous Crans Montana Golf Course. The site has an exceptional view over the Rhone valley where the eye can scan both the mythical Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.


The showroom highlights the exceptional views the complex offers as well as the luxurious nature and outstanding quality of this development. It showcases how the development plays with traditional and contemporary techniques for an overall harmonious effect thanks to the specific choice of materials and careful light engineering. The result reveals an atmosphere that provides the clients with inspiration for creating their own perfect living space.


The showroom also consists of a architects space located in the rear. This ‘blank page’ contrasts with the results of the main project area and shows the client the potential to establish their own style and artistic preferences. It’s a hard-working showroom that provides just the right stimulation to help the future owner create their ideal Alpine retreat.