Monte D’Oro Villa, Bedfordview by CKW Lifestyle Associates

CKW Lifestyle Associates have been shortlisted for Residential Project Value £2.5-5 Million Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

After recently purchasing a home with beige interior and pale finishes, the owners asked CKW Lifestyle Associates to intensify the interiors, and blend them with their love of eclectic artwork and objects. This was a full cosmetic renovation and full scale fit out interior design project, where CKW Lifestyle Associates were given carte blanche on the design. Their goal was to produce a beautiful space that is right for the client, reflecting their personality, with a subtly embedded design scheme throughout the property.

CKW Lifestyle Associates

CKW Lifestyle Associates produced accurate 3D renderings along with furniture layouts and mood boards in a look book for their client’s approval ahead of the renovation. The client wanted a dramatic use of charcoals to modernise the space, and deep tone on tone finishes in the cabinetry and the architectural finishes. The furniture is plush, comfortable, and customised to suit the clients’ mix of objects from their travels. Drawing inspiration from the artwork was an exciting task; a mix of European, Scandinavian and African influences are found throughout the home, with touches of Art Deco gilded pieces in the living room.

Bold accents combine on the colours and textures, and CKW Lifestyle Associates subtly had infused the same palette throughout the home. Playing on different tones, hues and intensities of the same blue, copper, gold accent colours, these are then offset against the grey tones. The use of colours and textures to interpret the style of the home was one of the designer’s favourite elements, due to the excitement of seeing the same colours used and looking so different in every room, its almost unidentifiable.

CKW Lifestyle Associates

CKW Lifestyle Associates are driven to create interiors that appeal to the people who live in them and to those who enjoy them, with every choice being made for the client. Enthused by cultural inspirations in décor and design, the designers allow their clients to play a pivotal role in the selection process of artefacts for their home. The real challenge of any project is making a beautiful space that is also right for the client, and capturing the client’s personal style and personality is why CKW Lifestyle Associates loves the design so much. No home should look the same, no space should be identifiable as typically CKW.

CKW Lifestyle Associates

The development is a cluster of villas in Johannesburg suburbs, typical of the 90s in South Africa when this style was mass produced. All look the same, with the same colours and textures on the finishes and repetitive architecture, but once you open the front door you are met with the bold and thoughtful interiors that are full of personality. With the added use of screens and plant-scaping, CKW Lifestyle Associates have successfully created a private and tranquil home. Bringing the outdoors in was also very important. The designers made use of the lush palms, plants and botanicals to bring the green element into the very stark architecture, and give the home an amazing sense of tranquillity and lush living.

CKW Lifestyle Associates

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