Class 55 by IDDES Yachts

IDDES Yachts has been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The Class 55 is IDDES Yachts answer to a new era of yachting in which adventure, experiences, reconnecting to nature and time are of essence. A fusion of design, engineering sophistication and extreme operational requirements.

IDDES Yachts

The Class 55 assembles two decades of building and designing experience into a unique production series. A design hybrid associating the most important elements of comfort and luxury and fusing these with the most demanding engineering and operational requirements to offer the future owners the opportunity to simply focus on experiencing the moment. The Class 55 represents the close union of a graceful design with manufacturing consciousness without compromises.

It is with the Class 55 series that IDDES Yachts want to further exhibit how design can be a key vehicle to raise awareness on a different approach towards yacht design where luxury is present, but it is integrated with the true existing nature of the adventurous types who will own and explore the oceans on a Class 55.

IDDES Yachts

The Class 55 is the ultimate platform to embark in any expedition or adventure with a helideck which can be utilized for carrying large tenders or amphibious vehicles to access the most remote areas. Its length overall of 55 meters has been carefully chosen to incorporate comfortably all the necessary requirements whilst allowing the yacht to manoeuvre with ease in the most spectacular hidden locations. The Class 55 is not about designing big but it’s an exhibit in how complete a 55-metre yacht can be within a timeless design.

IDDES Yachts

Under its envelope the Class 55 offers the highest standards to leave the surrounds untouched by its presence with the possibility of a propulsion option of a hydro hybrid power plant. The Class 55 is more than a yacht, or just a design, it is the bridge to reconnect people with nature and allow only our imagination or adventurous spirit to be the limit to what can be achieved.

IDDES Yachts

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