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Classic Coastal Home by Interior Concept Studio

Interior Concept Studio have been shortlisted for Beach House Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Situated on the edge of the Shediac Bay, Interior Concept Studio provided this young family home with a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere to mirror it’s coastal surroundings. The occupants wanted their home to blur the boundaries of interior design and exterior setting, by integrating the tones and textures of nature, though still being suitable for their modern family lifestyle.

Interior Concept Studio

With the homeowner’s having a busy family schedule, Interior Concept Studio’s ambition with this project was to create a relaxing and soothing ambience immediately as you enter the property. A necessity for the clients was for a modern elegance within an uncluttered and spacious home. Interior Concept Studio combined these two perspectives by drawing inspiration of the calming nature surrounding the house. The natural palettes of the interiors permit the colours of the water and beach skies into the many living spaces, and the subtle notes of green in the foliage amplify the allusion to the exterior. Again, inspired by organic materials, varying types of natural coloured woods were subtly introduced throughout the home, along with marble surfaces and woven textures to add depth and intrigue.

Interior Concept Studio

What Interior concept Studio had achieved through the interior styling was reflecting the location of the home into the interiors. However, due to the stunning coastal surroundings, the designers also had to consider the view from the inside looking out as an important element of design. The numerous windows throughout the house allows for the exterior to be admired from any point inside the home; with an incredible view of the Shediac Bay, the three-storey home offers multiple perspectives of the bay. Capitalising on this, multiple architectural focal points were created around the windows which in turn gives this house a timeless style.

Interior Concept Studio

Interior Concept Studio

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