Cle de Maison

Gucci Ambience by Cle de Maison

Cle de Maison have been Shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

CLE DE MAISON were engaged to complete the full interior design package by the clients for their new penthouse apartment, set on a prestigious central setting in Vilnius, Lithuania. The clients wanted to be wowed by colour and pattern, CLE DE MAISON were able to experiment with bold colours and prints throughout the apartment. The clients wanted to have an ambience of a Gucci shop in their home.

Cle de Maison

The designers delivered an interior which was inspiring, it was layered with intriguing textures and materials, sophisticated finishes and details which offered the client something personal and curated. To achieve this, CLE DE MAISON featured natural materials with solid oak parquet, walls and ceilings moldings, marble tiles on the wall in living room and in bathrooms, mirrors all over the apartment, luxurious velvets, brass details. Each space in the apartment is immersed in colour and is distinguished by its own distinct design.

The living spaces feature a bold pop of colours with a selection of black and white details. “The clients’ extensive art and Kaws bearbrick statues collection informed the design, which carefully considered both artwork and loose furniture from early on in the process,” Cle de Maison notes. Furniture selection was discussed at an early stage and every piece has been considered and purchased to stand the test of time and become our client’s own collection that works with the apartment and their personality.

Cle de Maison

CLE DE MAISON ensure they have a sophisticated balance of layers to give interest, detail and timeless glamour elegance. The designers believe it is the details which offer refinement, personality, balance, character and luxury. The most challenging part of designing a large-scale apartment such as this one is to bring warmth and a feeling of intimacy to the home, regardless of its style,” Cle de Maison say.

Cle de Maison

Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response. Big and bold, straight lines, geometric shapes and vibrant patterns took precedence – with an emphasis on bright colours, fine materials and expert craftsmanship.

Cle de Maison

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