Clifton Leung Design Workshop make the Shortlist for the 2014 International Design & Architecture Awards

Clifton Leung Design Workshop have been successfully Shortlisted in the Retail Space category at this year’s Awards, with their project ‘The 1O1O Grand Voyage’. The concept aims to revive the golden era of travel and create a revolutionary retail customer experience.


The design mission aims at reinforcing the 1O1O brand as the leading mobile operator and distinguish itself from its competitors in an increasingly competitive telecommunications industry. It must encapsulate the customer-centric philosophy and prestige of the brand to embrace the notion of premium, luxury and lifestyle.The overall results should be striking and emotional to redefine the 1O1O brand experience and push the boundaries for the retail mobile category.


1O1O Flagship Store’s timeless design recalls a classic hotel or traveler’s club from the golden age of the Grand Voyage. Furniture and fitting of the finest materials in quality wood, luxurious leather finishing, marble flooring, creative phone display on meticulously crafted vintage trunks, multi-sensory stimulations and mood lighting, all contributed to engineer a memorable and satisfying customer experience, and to reflect the brilliance and hospitality of 1010 premium services.


The luxurious retail journey begins with a captivating floor-to-ceiling LED and interactive façade. Visibly designed with interconnected yellow light columns in black metal frames, the facade applies the distinctive corporate color in yellow and creates a huge presence for the store on the strip, in one of the busiest districts in the city, opening the two-storey store directly onto the street. Infusion of modern technology with imagery projected on 3M translucent films on the window façade, creates an even more lively and vivid exterior that catch the public eye. Intriguing mood lighting design, where light bounces off the beveled mirror wall along the staircase, to create a change of mood in the luxurious club setting upstairs. This distinctive lighting design creates a dynamic atmosphere, symbolising a transition in mood from the ground floor to the first floor. Adorned with chic bar table with black granite finishing and bar chairs in leather upholstery, multi-function room serves as a flexible platform for launch parties and offers a cozy ambience just like a lounge.