Clifton Leung Design Workshop Shortlisted in the Asia-Pacific Bathroom category

Clifton Leung Design Workshop have been Successfully Shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Bathroom Award at the 2014 International Design & Architecture Awards. A state-of-the-art luxury bathroom that features smart-glass technology with multiple mood lighting effects that echo the spectacular sea-view.


 A luxurious residence crafted for the owner to relish spectacular harbour views from every corner of the home. The bathroom, partitioned by a smart glass, is clearly visible from the living area. With the flick of a switch, the partition turns opaque, to offer utmost privacy for an indulging spa experience. Switching from the non-transparent state to the transparent state is almost instantaneous and can be repeated as often as desired. Lighting is another important element to create a spa-like bathroom. Resin bathtub and basin are embedded with LED lights which add character to the design. With the gentle light diffusing through the LED lights beneath the bathtub, owner experiences a state of entrancement. The material and light work in perfect harmony, offering a pampering bathing experience. In daylight, the material turns translucent, evoking a sensation of total serenity.


The oversized bathroom is designed splendidly with huge black-framed windows to capture the stunning harbour view. The bathtub in shiny black stone finishing and the black-framed window offer the owner a floating sensation that extends all the way into the sea-view. The bathroom design sets a perfect ambience for owner to relax and rejuvenate. Clifton also utilises mirror reflection to enhance the visual space of the bathroom. Clean, minimalistic and “visually transparent”, this modern pad is entirely partitioned by glass walls, except for the structural wall enclosing the bed room. With minimal framing structure, there is almost no border between inside and out, creating a seamless space that feels both larger and more open, and most importantly, made it possible to create a luxurious spa-like bathroom.