Club Med Playa Esmeralda by Fusion Interiors Group

Fusion Interiors Group have been shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms – Americas/ Caribbean Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

The project is a new build, which was started 4 years ago when there was only a beach and jungle. Fusion Interiors Group were given 4 themes – Archipelago, Explorer Cove, Caribbean Paradise and Emerald Jungle. That was the only brief and they were to work to the Club Med brand and the level of the 5T Club Med, on a tight budget but they were given full creative licence. Club Med is a very colourful, fun, exciting and now ambitious brand. It is no longer cheap and cheerful – this brief was to take the brand to a new level. Fusion interiors Group were chosen for the project for this reason.

Fusion Interiors Group

The design of the villas is white and blue – fresh and themed on the local archipelago islands. The Explorer Cove rooms have also been create from the 4 zones themes. Within these rooms the colour palette is earthy and reminiscent of the voyaging era of the Caribbean. The restaurant themes were all developed by FIG.

The restaurant with the monkey’s was called ‘Emerald Paradise’, a mix of two zone concepts. Underwater Mansion is blue and white designed to feel like a house under the water. The Steakhouse is called ‘Coal&Copper’ and has terracotta flooring, copper chains dividing the space. The reception is based on the theme of ‘Lost Paradise’, where the guests arrive and are totally surprised by what they discover after an 1.5 hour drive from the airport!

Fusion Interiors Group

This is a very ambitious project which was built in only 18 months from the ground up. The design of the interior pushed boundaries and challenged the contractors, and everyone involved. The restaurants are very successful, highlights of the project are the Bar Limon and the Coco-Plum areas. The reception is out of this world beautiful due to its grandeur and authenticity that sets the scene for the rest of the resort.

Fusion Interiors Group

The design is luxurious but in an eco-chic way. It fits within the architecture, it is colourful and has a Caribbean feeling while also fitting within the Club Med brand. It is a very significant project for the country and the region.

This project is an ‘eco-chic’ resort which from the very beginning was designed to sit within the local environment without disturbing it. The villas are small and the landscape is what dominates the project.

Fusion Interiors Group

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