Cocolia Hotel

Cocolia Hotel by Cocolia Hotel

Cocolia Hotel have been shortlisted for Hotel Suite – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Cocolia Hotel was designed to co-exist in harmony with the natural environment. Every effort was made to preserve and protect the topography of the land and the native plants and trees. Rainwater is collected to prevent erosion and recycled for irrigation and all power requirements are provided by solar energy.

Cocolia Hotel

The hotel is surrounded by native cactus, trees, tangled vines and medicinal plants. The team of architects were inspired to contrast ‘symmetry’ with this wild jungle ‘anarchy’. The clean lines and angles provide smooth geometric shapes in pale earth tones to reflect ever changing patterns of light and shadow, providing natural art forms everywhere.

Cocolia Hotel

Each of the nine Bungalows has a unique location, carefully chosen for privacy, the flow of sea breezes and a special view of rolling hills with the Ocean beyond. All are open across the sea view exposure, with sliding louvered doors of tropical wood, Caoba, Huanacaxtle, polished and oiled to enhance their rich colour and magnificent grain. Key to the design was to be as sustainable as possible and having a design that is as integrated in nature as possible. Special care has been taken to regularly prune our native trees including Cojon de Toro, Palo de Indio, among many others and to clean the understory which promotes growth, allows sea breezes to flow and keeps the land shaded and the buildings cool.

Cocolia Hotel

All the locations of Cocolia Hotel Mazunte are connected by carefully planned walkways, constructed with a combination of stone, wood and earth, to provide shady access to all areas including a special path that winds all the way down to Playa Mermejita. Cocolia Hotel have always had a great connection with nature and so decided to be as sustainable and eco as possible, achieving this and giving even more value to the project. They hired workers from local communities and support any arrangements and actions that take place in the town. The hotel aims to offer their guests a truly unique hospitality experience – Like no other place in the World.

Cocolia Hotel

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