Congratulations to 4SPACE Interior Design who have been shortlisted for a Restaurant award in the Global Category

design et al are delighted to announce that 4SPACE Interior Design have been shortlisted for a Restaurant award in the Global Category of The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016

Yasmeen Al Sham is situated within the hustle and bustle of Boulevard Street and the world-renowned Dubai, consisting of a a 3444.5 sq.ft restaurant lounge specialising in aromatic Middle Eastern Cuisine.
The client brief was to create a modern space with a reference of the traditional Damascus style. The Interior needed to reflect and complement the style of cuisine being served. The interior concept was inspired by the restaurants name ‘Yasmeen’ which is the Arabic for Jasmine. The Jasmine flower motif runs throughout the whole design of the restaurant and adopts different shapes, size and colours within the design elements.


The wooden sheets hanging from the roof are grooved with this pattern and dominate the interior space above creating a dramatic effect. This motif is visible all around – from the wall panels to the intricate detailing on the entrance archway and doors. The green leaf designs and oriental arches are utilised in a modern way along with the Furniture design which is simplistic, clean and contemporary. All these elements work to enhance the general theme of the design.


The key aspect is this design is “ambience”. The domed structure above the restaurant is formed of strips of wood built together in sheets to emulate the traditional Damascus architectural style, this reference to architecture makes the experience all the more authentic.
A playful layout has been created though use of different levels . These levels provide diversity and allow for different moods and activities.


4SPACE Interior Design