Congratulations to 4SPACE Interior Design who have been shortlisted for a Restaurant Award in the Global category

design et al are delighted to announce that 4SPACE Interior Design have been shortlisted for a Restaurant Award in the Global category of The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016

Al Hamidieh Restaurant is a 4900 Sq.Ft Syrian cuisine restaurant, located in the heart of Dubai Downtown. The Interior concept originates from Al Hamidieh Souk, the largest bazaar street in the old city of Damascus – The oldest continually inhabited capital in the world. The Design embraces the traditional atmosphere with modern ambiance to meet the client brief
The client wanted the space to echo the feel of the traditional alleyways of old Damascus.


Metal arches, Jupiter Temple columns, black basalt floors, traditional exotic colour schemes, Brokar Fabric and rustic materials were all used, encompassing different elements of the streets but with a overall modern ambience.


The Arabisk inspired patterned metal sheets used in the arches over the interior space, act as an imitation of the original design of the old souk of al Hamidieh.
Openings in the arches allow flow through the space and refer to the openings in the original arches that allowed the light to enter the Souk thus imitating the style in a contemporary and functional way. For the floor finishes , the same black basalt floors were used as that in the ancient Bazaar.



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