Congratulations to ARQUI + who have been shortlisted in the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are delighted to announce that ARQUI + have been shortlisted for the Residential Swimming Pool Award.

This is a unique Villa situated in Vale do Lobo, developed in a U-shape, with a central courtyard that reveals a unique suspended Pool. This project is nestled within a golf course, greenery and a small lake.

ARQUI + - Residential Swimming Pool - Thumbnail

Due to the location we have purposely opted not to create a clear boundary between plot and surroundings, instead using the actual building to create the distinction between public and private spaces. The villa has been developed in a U-shape around a central courtyard space helping to create a sense of scale and containment inside the open surroundings. Within this courtyard we have created a suspended pool which becomes the main visual focal point of the villa.

ARQUI + - Residential Swimming Pool - Image 3


Being the main visual focus, we have opted for the creation of the pool as a sculptural element, whilst still serving the functional aspect of the main pool. The suspended feature of the pool permits the flow of the courtyard beyond the pool, thereby not containing the space. This upper main pool cascades down into a lower reflecting pool that can also be used as a children’s splash-pool. The sound of the running water creates a very calm and relaxing environment. This lower reflecting pool in turn “visually” cascades down into the indoor pool situated within the home spa area.

ARQUI + - Residential Swimming Pool - Image 2