Atelier Textiles - Hudson Fabric

Congratulations to Atelier Textiles shortlisted for Fabric Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Atelier Textiles have been shortlisted for Fabric Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The Hudson fabric is hand-appliqued in a striking geometric design, inspired by the lattice-work of Chippendale but re-worked into a contemporary design. A steely silver colour with silver toned applique was chosen to emphasise the texture of the finished piece, not just the motifs. This fabric is hand-embellished with applique and embroidery by skilled artisans. The Hudson design is produced on 100% silk and takes up to a week to make this elegant three metre length. It is a careful process to apply layers of fabric on top of each other and the finished piece is a unique creation.

Almost all appliqued fabrics on the market are traditional and opulent however Atelier Textiles wanted to bring this beautiful technique before a younger, more contemporary market. Atelier Textiles needed to create a fabric using this applique and embroidery technique but with a modern and eye-catching design. A design suited to interior designers working on pared-back schemes with neutral colours but yet still give an impression of luxury and non-pareil craftsmanship. Whether it is shown in Dubai, Moscow or London, designers rush to touch and feel the fabric and then stand back to admire the overall design.

Atelier Textiles - Hudson Fabric

The Hudson design fits the current mood for hand-crafted elegance in opposition to disposable, mass-manufactured goods. It is a statement piece made with skill and care. It combines this with an understated luxury which blends on-trend metallic and texture. The design itself is modern and versatile, inspired by historical British references and Islamic geometric patterns – all of these points are popular as part of a wider design movement internationally, and an ecological/political movement globally.

With headquarters in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter, Atelier Textiles is a European design studio specialising in soft furnishings for the design industry professionals. Lara Colgan, Director and Owner creates one of a kind pieces that express the eclectic international vision.

Atelier Textiles - Hudson Fabric

Atelier Textiles