Aurum Home - Claw Cart Table

Congratulations to Aurum Home shortlisted for Table Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Aurum Home have been shortlisted for Table Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017.

Aurum Home designed a serving table with wheels featuring brass fasted bird claw feet and a selection of surfaces. Made with a glass top with brass base and available in various marble/coloured glass surfaces. The table is a sleek take on a generic cart or trolley form, where they accented the legs with a claw sculpture. There are two variations of the cart; an angular (rectangle, square) and a circle cut. The handles on top were spaced out to fit two standard sized plates, as well as provide an ease of mobility for push and pull functions.

The most challenging and time-taking aspect of this piece were the wheels which are semi-concealed by creating a claw pattern with depth. Readily available wheels that were strong enough to hold inch thick slabs of travertine proved to be too large and visibly unfit. The designers to create their own thick rubber fittings in black or white to match the marble or glass being used. Aurum home’s favourite aspect of this design was said to be the casted brass claws which were created in-house to accommodate a niche underneath for their bespoke wheels, enabling them to rotate in all directions for ease of use. The design’s most significant feature is its rotation to allow absolute mobility. Its brass make-up and surface pairings lend towards an artistic statement whilst maintaining a luxurious look, not taking away from the piece’s ultimate function.

Aurum Home - Claw Cart Table

All of their pieces are primarily fabricated from start to finish by their in-house team of technicians. Each piece can be customised in terms of materials, colours, dimensions and even design adjustments. They operate with creative solutions in their production process to fill the void of a prevalent lack of infrastructure and mechanisation. To achieve the quality and finish universally and to be acknowledged as a luxury piece, the team works mostly by hand to match the results of a globally relevant design output.

All materials were sourced from the local market in Pakistan, where no one large store or supplier is used consistently. In fact, they have smaller workshops in the city where they operate out of. Aurum Home design team purchased the raw metal, marble or finishing materials which are polished/cut/manufactured/assembled in-house. Tasks as basic as flattening a raw material sheet and buffing it to prepare it for use, or cutting/polishing/waxing all stone slabs are all administered by the in-house team. For this piece in particular, the marble/glass and metal raw material was purchased from various suppliers, whereas the claw pattern and casting along with the entire creation of the wheels was completed in house using a lathe machine.

Aurum Home - Claw Cart Table