Congratulations to Ayka Design who have been shortlisted for a Flooring-Carpet/Rug Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Ayka Design have been shortlisted for a Flooring-Carpet/Rug Award in  The International Product Design Awards 2016.

Inspired by using three dimensional textures, Origami echoes the ancient crafts of fabric folds and modern day fabric manipulation creating a pattern of soft lines that twist and fold in perspective as they draw the eye into the distance.
The free forms are balanced with strong or soft colours as the lines are designed into an abstract pattern
The textures of the looped background harmonize with long hanging threads along the edges of the lines. This lifts the pattern from its background casting shadows along the plainer surface to create a three dimensional form.

Origami Blue (Room Setting)

While using soft pastel colors, Origami Blue brings a fresh look to the design creating three dimensional accents which gives shadowing, adding more depth.
The pattern reflects the latest fabric fashions of fringes and feathers in a unique style that is still harmonious in any interior.

The design is woven in Tibetan knot to a high quality of 110 knots only using the highest quality of 100% Hand-spun silks. The size is 2500mm by 3000mm.
The technique of double dipping the hand-spun yarn enhances the color variations on the yarn before weaving. Dip-dyed yarns give gradations in color that can range from subtle colorways to a stronger boldness as it intensifies.

Origami Blue (Detail 1)


Ayka Design