Congratulations to Bambu Indah who have been shorltisted for a Restaurant Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Bambu Indah have been shortlisted for a Restaurant Award  in the The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016 

Bambu Indah is a radically distinctive boutique hotel in Ubud, Bali. Eleven antique Javanese bridal homes were brought to Bali, restored, and decorated with the finest details. Now, Bambu Indah is available to travellers from around the world seeking unique experiences while being comforted by the luxury of a natural environment and service of an intimate hotel. . The design concept was to make a very special and unique restaurant and kitchen within the resort. The design team needed to centre the restaurant around the hub of the kitchen thus making it the centre of focus.


The Balinese traditions and cultures were key in the design of the space. The ambience of the traditional Balinese kitchen is maintained whilst providing a luxurious, other worldly dining experience for guests. IHP_BambuIndah__bambuIndah_restaruantwithinhotel_Asiapacific_2 The dining experience is focused on the senses with the guests experiencing many different sights, smells, sounds , tastes and textures. These were all core elements that the designers wanted to incorporate into the kitchen design thus making it an all the more authentic experience for guests.


The designer of the project Elora Hardy described the motives behind the open plan and intimate design-“Balinese women are empowered in the kitchen; they are very talkative and animated . So I had to make a beautiful space where they could feel like themselves and not be self-conscious.”
The open plan layout and high ceilings means that families can interact with other guests, chefs and waiting staff. Using natural elements and traditional techniques such as terracotta tiles, natural stone counter-top, woven bamboo and other locally sourced natural materials ,this space strives to preserve the local culture and promote sustainable building and living.

Bambu Indah