Congratulations to Blocher Blocher Partners who have been shortlisted for a Home Cinema Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Blocher Blocher Partners have been shortlisted for a Home cinema Award  in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016 

This 30sqm home cinema is a gem within the luxurious villa Vastu . The elegant but minimalistic design makes reference to the glamorous red carpets. It fosters cosiness and a superior movie experience.

Without doubt, red is the colour associated with the cinema experience: in all the old motion-picture theatres, lush velvet curtains and seats create a luxurious feeling – as does the red carpet till this day. This home cinema ties in this tradition – with a new twist. The shades of red are implemented into a modern but minimalistic look, honed by noble design elements like the flute lights in the back or the copper-coated bar. Always in focus: the ultimate movie watching experience. The red carpet floor mutes any sound, the angle of the steps is adjusted to achieve acoustic perfection – accurate to the millimetre. Up to twelve guests sit on cosy and comfortable red leather couches in front of the huge projection screen, surrounded by a top-notch sound system. Staying-in for the movies has never been better.

The mix of advanced cinema technology, high-quality material and cosy furniture – all bathed in shades of ruby red with a touch of bronze-coloured copper ensures this project exudes luxury living in all senses.This project rejects prevailing home cinema aesthetics that often rely on blatant designs in favour of a warm but also stylish and minimalistic look.


Blocher Blocher Partners