Congratulations to Cinema Architects who have been shortlisted for Home Cinema Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Cinema Architects have been shortlisted for the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016 in the Home Cinema category.

Owning a Ferrari himself the client said that he would love to have a cinema, themed with some detail of Ferrari, and the design should incorporate wood finishes. The seats had to be comfortable and practical in order to still have a conversation with each other while viewing their favourite films. Furthermore a bar section needed to be incorporated for entertainment and social purposes, but still have the full enjoyment of a Cinema effect.


The biggest obstacle in this room was the restriction of the ceiling height. Careful and intelligent space planning, the clever use of technology and many years of experience in challenging home cinema projects have combined to deliver a fantastically immersive and supremely comfortable audio-visual experience for this family.


The project required big picture and awesome sound. We proposed the world’s finest theater operators Klipsh Cinema System which a THX-Ultra system and they will deliver the full impact of the most intense action movie soundtracks without sacrificing musical definition. For the video aspect, the Panasonic projector was installed with a Harkness micro-perforated screen.


Cinema Architects