Congratulations to Dassault Aviation shortlisted for Private Jet Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Dassault Aviation have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design Award for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

The Falcon 900LX entered the market in 2010. It was time for an update to more modern standards of comfort and style. The design team took a passenger-centric approach that combined efficiency, technical innovation, and contemporary style. The result is a cabin with more clarity and fluidity. More comfort physically and visually. To accomplish this, the spec & design team worked closely with Dassault engineers to maximise improvements without compromising existing features that have made the 900LX such a trusted platform. The team started with a design language based on the new Falcon generation. Those curves and sharper contrasts made for a more fluid layout with brighter highlights. They balanced functional and decorative elements into a complex yet simplified aesthetic.
Dassault Aviation

Artful efficiency was the desired result with contemporary styling and user-centric ergonomics. That meant rethinking the approach to how and when passengers should access specific parts of the furniture or any relevant devices. Features had to be integrated more seamlessly. Controls were tucked into the armrest of the seat. Buttons were put within easy reach. This echoes modern device design in general with its sleek, minimalist surfaces. Light management was improved so that ambient light can be adjusted to correspond to activity or mood, resting, working or dining. The concept of continuous cabin fluidity also led to rethinking the seats, taking into account their different purposes. Seats were re-configured with more settings depending on the activity- a meeting with business partners or travelling with the family. No detail has been overlooked. You can see it in the creative mixing of every material and finish, from high-gloss varnished wood to buttery soft leather, every joint and stitch crafted to perfection.
Dassault Aviation

Dassault’s favourite aspect of the project was the challenge of re-imagining a classic interior and bringing it into a new world of design and technology. The design works well because of the collaborative partnership between the engineers and the spec & design team from the very beginning of the project. They learned from each other along the way so that in the final design, form follows function, leading to a pleasing and highly efficient cabin space. The aesthetic used for the cabin redesign can be seen in the design of advanced luxury automobiles and yachts-objects their customers appreciate for their high-end design ergonomics. And their modernised cabin technology features are as powerful and easily managed as a tablet or smartphone with similar design sensibilities in their sleek simplicity. The Dassault Falcon Jet completion’s expertise in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been a key component of the success of the project.


Dassault Aviation

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