Deniz Tunc - Meta Line Cabinet

Congratulations to Deniz Tunc shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Deniz Tunc have been shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The Meta Line cabinet has been manufactured by Deniz Tunc and her craftsmen ateliers, designing and creating furniture, metal and polishing.

Deniz Tunc - Meta Line Cabinet
This bespoke wooden cabinet has been covered with brass metal ornate panels to create a swift motion effect by utilising different sizes of metals parallel to each other whilst still presented in a static, immobile way. The design brief was to concentrate on the use of brass metal and to select dark neutral colour finishes in order to achieve its design. The designers wanted to create a small sense of surprise by designing a reversed base, narrowing to the floor. Deniz Tunc wanted to make a diverse impact by using colour contrasts, different metal sizes and the bulkiness of the cabinet. The metal lines come forward from the sides to the front creating a conical impact whilst making them able to be used as handles.

Deniz Tunc - Meta Line Cabinet

The designer’s favourite aspect of the Meta Line cabinet is the masculine inviting charm of the hard lines. The design works well due to its proportions, the unconventional reversed bottom base and elegance of its stature. Special artisan skills were used in the fine tuning of metal surfaces with different transitions. The Meta Line cabinet was designed and manufactured in Istanbul where East meets West, Orient meets Okzident and North meets South to combine and melt in a unique pot.


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