Congratulations to Design Intervention who have been shortlisted for Residential £10 Million Plus (Project By Value) Award.

design et al are delighted to announce that Design Intervention have been shortlisted for a Residential £10 Million Plus (Project By Value) in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016 

The client tasked us with creating a home that reflected their cultural heritage: One that would provide an elegant backdrop for treasured family heirloom and antiques and extensive an art collection. However at the same time they were looking for a home that was glamorous for entertaining and would provide a fun filled environment for a young family. This is a home for a young growing family. There is an underlying sophistication but it is first and foremost a family home that resonates with a youthful vitality and sense of the light hearted that reflects the personality and heritage of the family that live within.
IDA16_DesignIntervention_TheModernChinoiserieHouse_Residential£10mil_Thumbnail This was a renovation of an existing older building and a key design challenge for us was the multitude of low hanging structural beams that were inconveniently peppered throughout the home. In order to maximise ceiling height, we have integrated these beams into elaborate ceiling details, essentially making these nuisances a key part of the design.
IDA16_DesignIntervention_TheModernChinoiserieHouse_Residential£10mil_2Every element from this home has been carefully considered from the ceiling and floor patterns to the crisp architectural mouldings, as well as the bespoke furnishings, rugs and lighting pieces to ensure a thoroughly cohesive look that resonates with a crisp, yet welcoming glamour.


Design Intervention