Congratulations to MASSIMO Interiors who have been shortlisted for Residential £2.5-5 Million Plus (Project By Value) Award.

design et al are delighted to announce that MASSIMO Interiors have been shortlisted for a Residential £2.5-5 Million (Project By Value) in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016 

The clients MASSIMO Interiors designed for had a very quirky sense of style, their experience with interiors when growing up in Europe, was filled with flocked wallpapers, colourful upholstery and antique furniture pieces. The team could certainly relate to the clients’ taste and worked well with them to make this stunning property their own dream and unique home. IDA16_MASSIMOInteriors_MalvernResidence2_£2.5-5MilResidential(ProjectByValue)_ThumbnaiAlthough the property had a grand and imposing street presence, the interiors of this French inspired home, before MASSIMO Interiors took on the project, were left bland with a monochromatic colour scheme. The clients tried to decorate some of the room themselves with no success, they were left frustrated and in need of a new direction, which MASSIMO Interiors created with this cohesive and free flowing design. This unique home suited the clients and their design style.

IDA16_MASSIMOInteriors_MalvernResidence2_£2.5-5MilResidential(ProjectByValue)_2The client’s brief was to inject colour, glamour and a wow factor making their new home come to life. The team was made aware about a key point when considering the design and what type of fabrics to be selected for the family area as they have two young children. The clients also owned some impressive artwork, which were incorporated into the new design.


MASSIMO Interiors