Congratulations to DUQUESA & MALVADA who have been shortlisted for a Lighting – Lamp Award

design et al are delighted to announce that DUQUESA & MALVADA have been shortlisted for a Lighting- Lamp Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

Inspired by the dark side of the city at night , the Heyden lamp captures the contrasts in light and dark coming from the households, street lights and cars. The varied shades of this piece make reference to the golden orbs of light reflected against the black of night creating an almost transparent quality.

floor lamp

New in its creation, this piece is loaded with character. It has a youthful and dynamic feel to it and is influenced by Urban life but cleverly designed so as not to lose a Luxurious quality.
The Heyden is a tribute to Van der Heyden, responsible for the design and implementation of a model of public lighting for Amsterdam (1669 to 1840) which was adopted by many European capitals.
It features a plethora of finishes including gold-plated brass, lacquered black, high gloss black glass and transparent glass. These are used in juxtaposition to each other to obtain diversity and truly emulate the atmosphere of the City environment at night.

floor lamp_detail

DUQUESA & MALVADA are driven by society in their design. An increasingly global society in which people travel , and unlike times of the past , are aware of other cultures and how they differ. The thirst for more knowledge in this sense is what inspires them.