Eglidesign - Man's Wing Cabinet

Congratulations to Eglidesign shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Eglidesign have been shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The Man’s Wing Bespoke Cabinet, made to hold Cognac and cigars is a combination of elegance, power and motion to create a handmade, exclusive, artistic wooden masterpiece for him. Standing over 2 metres tall with only raw and high quality materials as exotical veneer. With golden madrone, natural wood, handmade aged mirrors and polished brass are used to create this work of art for your home spaces.

Eglidesign - Bespoke Cabinetry

Eglidesign always try to complete each of their works flawlessly, whether it’s one piece of furniture or a project of a new collection. To achieve this and create a mood to future owners, they combine different styles with unexpected materials and colours. Eglidesign do not always prefer function, they think that the atmosphere created by the layout of objects, colours and shapes is so much more important. As everything in people’s lives starts with the mood and feelings that they cause, Eglidesign do not take an easy ride in their works. Eglidesign explore and are open to deviation from the rules because that is what success, fulfilment and personal balance brings.

Founder of Eglidesign – Egle Mieliauskienė believes that her created furniture should serve as a work of art in the interior of a living space, coining it “functional sculpture”. The artist has noticed that sometimes people are afraid to touch her furniture to check its functionality, thereby acknowledging its artistic value. Every piece of their furniture are like sculptures that reflect Egle Mieliauskienė and the world around us. The designers, like every work of art, look for hosts, to whom they could become close, titillate imagination, and cause emotions.

Eglidesign - Man's Wing Cabinet

“No more clichés … True, my approach to the surrounding space is somewhat post-modernist”

– Egle Mieliauskienė, Man’s Wing Cabinet

In order to understand their point of view and style, they ask you to forget stereotypes, prejudices and let yourself dream and feel. Let in the change and experience something new – happiness and harmony. People nowadays can afford such an opportunity, but it is a precious luxury. The choice becomes a great value … Everyone believes in what they want to believe, everyone chooses their way of life, everyone can afford to build themselves as a personality and this must be reflected in their surroundings.