Congratulations to Eklego Design who have been shortlisted for Lobby/ Public Areas Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Eklego Design have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2017.

The space was created as a lounge with a series of both casual and formal rooms where people could both work and hang out in. It was designed to be a relaxed welcoming experience versus the typical experience you would encounter with a receptionist and a waiting area in a formal office-like space. The project was housed in a historic villa – high ceilings, big openings, intricate details – in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Cairo, and was complemented with an eclectic selection of modern furniture.IHP17EklegoDesign_LobbyPublicAreas_Marakez_ThumbnailThe clients focus on progressive mall-centric, mixed use developments who are trying to establish themselves among one of the large players in the world of real estate development in Egypt. They were looking for headquarters to reflect this approach, that required a new dynamic experience to go with this culture. The new team has progressive ideas about the way the company should operate and is passionate about ensuring the same experience upon their prospective client. The spaces required were formal and informal which needed different environments to be created. The building is a three storey old villa and has a historic value that was supposed to be respected identity and structurally as well. The designers had the challenge of carefully selecting the perfect blend of materials, lighting and furniture that gave each space the impressive feeling whilst keeping the fun welcoming and intimate cosy atmosphere in the space while preserving the original building. The roof is a space for potential large social gatherings and creates a feeling of a home away from home. The brand’s daring culture helped to create an inviting and comfortable office work environment that stimulate minds and inspire innovation, which is what the company is all about.IHP17EklegoDesign_LobbyPublicAreas_Marakez_2The furniture and materials were positioned in order to connect all the spaces together – to make each room flow to the next while creating a different experience, and alleviating the feeling of continuous closed rooms. The biggest challenge that the designers faced was that they were unable to tear down any walls or install any new windows. The design applied gave exactly the right amount of transparency and privacy that was required for the client’s needs.IHP17EklegoDesign_LobbyPublicAreas_Marakez_3


Eklego Design