Congratulations to Embraer Executive Jets who have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design Award

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Embraer Executive Jets have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design Award in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016

Rethinking convention with state of the art interiors, blending high tech amenities and timeless craftsmanship. The Legacy 500 by Embraer is a game changer for the business jet industry. The interior design takes the high tech capability of the cockpit (fly-by-wire / glass cockpit) into the cabin zones. A blend of state of the art technology and meticulous, detail oriented craftsmanship makes it a modern, comfortable and user friendly environment. Large glass panels in the valance sections feature touch screen control and information monitors that merge modern styling with improved ergonomic function as well as  reliable redundancy.Legacy 500_Interior Scheme05-1Storage zones on the side ledges open like jewel boxes, framed by complex shaped machined accents. Floating surfaces allow for tasteful separation of  materials that are crafted in the spirit of individually tailored elements chosen by the owner. All this wealth of interior exploration is governed by an overlying architecture that  uses GD&T principles for maximum fit and finish and accessibility reducing assembly
and maintenance cost.Legacy 500_Interior Scheme05-4Perfect blend of High Tech and Comfort aligning with Embraer’s values to Challenge the Status Quo. The architecture allows for an increased variety of material combinations coming close to a one of a kind design tailored to each individual customer.  The use of GD&T principles within the design create a perfect fit and finish quality and allow for maximum accessibility thereby reducing assembly and maintenance cost.Legacy 500_Interior Scheme05-8

Embraer Executive Jets