Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Embraer Executive Jets have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design Concept Award in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016

Embraer’s Phenom ACE series rethinks convention through a sport inspired higher level of luxury.  Showcasing the love of flying in a fresh new way, with one of a kind designs, inspired by motives from the worlds of racing, the jet enables the timeless thrill of excitement to embrace the enduring spirit of luxury.EmbraerExecutiveJets_PhenomACESeries_PrivateJetConcept_4The exterior paint scheme is unique to each machine, proudly reflecting icons of racing. The interior echos this concept. Each Embraer Phenom ACE is part of a numbered edition, with each aircraft being unique. Each design exists only once, and the owner’s are a member of an exclusive community- an elite club of those who value both excitement and luxury through innovation in design.
EmbraerExecutiveJets_PhenomACESeries_PrivateJetConcept_ThumbnailA visual metaphor for the necessary skills it takes to be successful in today’s highly competitive business environment, the ACE represents the portrait of a successful individual who is highly competitive, shows excellence in their craft and loves to operate in a dynamic, flexible and fast environment. The Embraer Phenom aircraft are masters in supporting their owners in that endeavour, and the ACE represents this fact in a stunning visual story. Phenom ACE series takes the idea of the Phenom Jet to a sport inspired level to showcase the love of flying in a new way. One of a kind designs, inspired by motives from the worlds of racing.

Embraer Executive Jets