Congratulations to Emrah Onemli Yacht Design – winner of the Concept over 40m Award in the 2016 Awards

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Emrah Onemli Yacht Design won the Concept over 40m Award iThe International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016

The fundamental aim in creating this unusual and striking design was to conceive something that would remain timeless and unaffected from the design trends that emerge and shift through time. In order to achieve this emphasis was made on the surface transitions, creating lines that were neither sharp like contemporary designs nor as round as the classic yacht Silhouette. The Design was conceived to blend the two together in perfect geometric harmony.


Although the design is a total of 63 meters she embodies an extraordinary set of proportions that can be realised on 80-100 meter yacht. This is thanks to its entire main deck being embedded swiftly and smoothly into the hull.
The owner orientated design successfully meets the privacy needs of its proprietor. Perhaps the most significant design element which enables the yacht to achieve this is the full-deck master cabin Windows that rise above as wings allowing a balcony to slide out from underneath the cabin floor.
This very feature lets the owner get to the sea without any visual contact with a guest or member of crew, it also means one can disembark the yacht and board the tender and indulge in a splendid open air environment without actually leaving the master cabin.


At the rear there is a pool with an extended sunbathing area and a beach club with a transformable platform. The front of the vessel features a helipad that when not deployed can be folded underneath the deck providing large open areas. The helipad and flybridge are covered with solar panels meaning the performance demand on generators is reduced making her greener than competitors.


Emrah Onemli Yacht Design