Congratulations to FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for a Hotel Over 200 Rooms Award in the Asia Pacific Category

design et al are delighted to announce the further success of FBEYE International who have been shortlisted or a Hotel over 200 Rooms Award in the Asia Pacific Category of The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

Guest rooms and suites range from 35 sqm to 150 sqm provide a chic contemporary experience that also give a sense of place and significance of the history of the brand. The design is unique and fresh, represented through various mediums such as the carpets, feature walls and artwork. The ceiling artwork capture the addictive inspiration of ‘Travel’, the idea of knowing and chartering the journey represented by the contours.


The feature element in the guest room is the free-standing minibar that encourages interaction and entertainment within the guest room. The carvings on the feature mirror reflect the local woodcraft and also accentuates the brand principle of reinventing timeless classics with a modern expression.The furniture is custom-designed and arranged to keep in-line with the brand’s unique combination of shapes, sizes and colors.


Basking in a backdrop of monochromatic hues sparked with bolts of electrifying blue on the furniture and carpets, the main lobby sets the tone as an elegant place to inspire, mingle and be seen. Compromising of three reception pods, the Lobby offers a lounge with feature library, a dedicated communion table and the Latitude 23 Bar which serves as a deli in the day and a bar by night.¬†Featured artwork depicts the topographical representation of the hotel’s location, a reflection of the immense opportunity the city of Dhaka has to offer guests.


FBEYE International