Congratulations to FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for a Hotel over 200 rooms award in the Global Category

design et al are delighted to announce that FBEYE International  have been shortlisted for a Hotel over 200 rooms Award in the Global Category of The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016 

The design theme for LM Dhaka is “timeless chic” taking inspiration from the brand elements of Culture and Coordinates, infusing both traditional European elements with contemporary designs with a refined sense of space.

The main lobby is designed to be a sophisticated and elegant place to inspire, to mingle and a haven to be seen in. Basking in a monochromatic backdrop, the sparks of electrifying blue hue on the furniture and carpets sets a tone for a stylish design for a modern city hotel. The lobby is comprised of three reception pods, the Latitude 23 Bar that serves as a deli in the day and a bar by night and the lobby lounge with a feature library and a dedicated communion table where interaction is encouraged.


The custom designed furniture arranged in various seating combinations is designed in line with the brand guideline of juxtaposition in shapes, sizes and colours.
The featured artwork in the main lobby is the topographical representation of the location of the hotel, it is also a reflection of the immense opportunity the city of Dhaka has to offer for a guest to explore and discover. Complimented by curated cultural experience and discovery elements, the lobby environment is perfectly choreographed to inspire the creative and curious minds of the guests at the same time providing a new perspective to the the individuality of the destination.


FBEYE International PTE Ltd