Congratulations to FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for a Restaurant Award

design et al are delighted to announce the continued success of FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for a Restaurant Award in the The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

Named after the Italian word for ‘fable’ or ‘story’, Favola present an open-kitchen style that invites people to come join in the fun. Designed with red brick, an arch ceiling and boasting an aromatic selection of traditional Italian gastronomy infused with contemporary flavors, the feel is one of an old Italian home, cheerful, friendly and rich with warm conversation.


The red brick is further framed by the painted white brickwork and iron-wrought pendant lights coupled with the low-hung ceiling encourage intimacy without compromising the open and spacious atmosphere. Bright furniture add pops of color to the decor with clean and bright accents of red and blue to contrast to the earthy rustic feel offered by the unfinished stone and ceramics that grace the walls.

It was important that the restaurant had a rustic feel to compliment the menu which consists of a large selection of appetizers, salads, soups, fire-oven pizzas and fresh pasta. The open-plan design showcase the fire-ovens in particular to lend a feel of authenticity, a veritable kitchen theater to entertain and spark conversation among guests. A dining bar even offers some diners the opportunity to see their meals freshly prepared before their eyes.


The unmistakably cosy atmosphere filled with comfort and delicious aromas was chosen as a deliberate juxtaposition against the chic and modern expressions of the rest of the hotel. Blending a combination of the classical Italian family-feel with the slick modernity of the hotel’s overall design brings an overall collage of art and culture for all guests to enjoy.


FBEYE International