Congratulations to FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for Restaurant Within A Hotel Award

design et al are delighted to announce the further success of FBEYE International who have been shortlisted for Restaurant within a Hotel Award in this year’s International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

Ash & Elm, the latest addition to the InterContinental® Singapore’s collection of dining establishments is a vibrant restaurant focused on European Dining. The dynamic space transforms throughout the day with the skylight canopy which runs the length of the dining area providing a sense of movement as glimmers of natural daylight provide an ever-changing colour palate to the space.IHPFBEyeInternational_InterContinetalSingapore_RestaurantWithinHotel_ThumbnailFBEYE International integrated the use of natural materials in areas such as the butcher-block worktops, a mixture of exotic marble, aged oak timbre and mosaic tiles in the flooring as well as the timber walls to introduce an organic feel to the space as well as imbibing an atmosphere of liveliness. In the evening, Pendant lights, comprising of hand-cut polished crystals are switched on to help to set the mood, making it cosier and inviting for guests.IHPFBEyeInternational_InterContinetalSingapore_RestaurantWithinHotel_2The restaurant now runs a semi-buffet counter by day and a sophisticated show kitchen by night, with varying coloured lightings and an entirely different atmosphere in the evenings. The inspiration behind the design of this restaurant is a modern meat butchery. Highlighting a Charcuterie at the entrance displaying a hint of the inner feast to be had. This Restaurant will show case the new IHG branding for Ash & Elm with feature grille and interactive live cooking stations, where the guest can be very much involved in the action. Also buffet by day and launch, this place can seamlessly transform itself to a speciality restaurant by night without appearing empty, a dilemma often faced by other establishments.IHPFBEyeInternational_InterContinetalSingapore_RestaurantWithinHotel_3


FBEYE International