Congratulations to GM Architects who have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms Award

design et al are delighted to announce that GM Architects have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms Award in  The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016

The Sofitel Tamuda Bay is a luxury five star hotel located in M’diq, a town located on the northern coast of Morocco about 20 miles east of Tangier.  The designers took the cultural references of northern Morocco and reinterpreted them in a contemporary language, and then integrated them into the final design. Tangier is punctuated with wonderful contrasting strokes of cobalt blue and white and these have been a vital source of inspiration.
IHPGMArchitects_HotelUnder200Rooms_SofitelTamudaBay_ThumbnailGM Architects designed the Sofitel Tamuda Bay’s architecture and interiors in such a way as to blur the boundaries of indoors and outdoors, with a view to creating a genuine experience of well-being for all guests to enjoy. Sky and sea blend into a beautiful palette of blues to offer a once-in-a-lifetime Mediterranean experience.  The very essence of the project is the fusion of the opposing shores of the Mediterranean: on one side the French Riviera’s world of contemporary art and glamour and on the other, Morocco’s charming traditional crafts and authentic lifestyle.
IHPGMArchitects_HotelUnder200Rooms_SofitelTamudaBay_2The designers drew inspiration from twentieth century artists whose paintings were highly influenced by their stays in Morocco. The hotel’s internal spaces pay tribute to the influence of these artists in the choice of pigments, the rounded shapes reminiscent of Moroccan crafted objects, and even the blue birds of the Mediterranean Sea. In the hotel’s various spaces vivid colours contrast sharply with the bright white used in the marble chosen by GM Architects’ team. The very essence of the project is based on a subtle mix of modern French art de vivre and traditional Moroccan culture. IHPGMArchitects_HotelUnder200Rooms_SofitelTamudaBay_3

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