Congratulations to Greenpoint Technologies, Inc. shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Luxe et al are delighted to announce to Greenpoint Technologies, inc. have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

The Crystal AirCruises 777-200LR will be the world’s most spacious, luxurious private jet offering around-the-world trips to exotic locations. The goal for this project was to create a luxurious interior in line with Crystal’s established brand, designs, and mission to redefine luxury travel. The design process began with an ergonomic study which translated into the floorplan layout, designed to meet Crystal’s desires and requirements. Greenpoint designers studied the design themes present on Crystal’s newest cruise ships for a consistent theme, and collaborated with the Crystal design team to determine the most functional and aesthetic interior. The close collaboration between the Greenpoint and Crystal design teams resulted in a relatively quick design process. There was not a large number of iterations, but rather variations in detail and an evolution of one theme over the course of a few months. The final interior design is a direct result of Greenpoint Technologies and Crystal AirCruises’ collaborative interior design expertise, combined with validated engineering and certification.Greenpoint Technologies

Crystal’s brand is light and bright, a more transitional design theme compared to traditional earth tones common in VIP aviation. The lighter colours, with accents of blues and teals, are modern, inviting and blend nicely with Crystal’s spirit of travel. Guests will enter the aircraft at Door 2LH and may veer left to enter the Bar and Lounge. The Lounge is an expansive social area featuring a focal bar to gather around, sofas, custom coved ceilings, and dining tables for 24 guests at each sitting. The stand up, full service bar is a key feature with beautiful marble veneers, coloured LED lighting and the signature Crystal AirCruises logo. Coloured accent and wash lighting scenes can be set to enhance any ambiance, from dining to entertainment and socializing. The vision is for guests to feel the comforts of a hotel with a main lounge to eat, mingle, work or relax.Greenpoint Technologies

The interior features high-end fabrics and materials including quilted leather for seating, soft mohair on the sofas as well as a mix of reflective, shimmer materials and highly durable, stain-resistant whites, which make the space feel bigger and brighter. As guests move aft to their seats, they will notice hand tufted carpet with a soft, plush feel and vibrant design, extra-wide aisles and a ceiling modified for extra height and space. Passenger seating is customised for supreme comfort, featuring luxury lie-flat seats arranged in a staggered 2x2x2 configuration to accommodate guests travelling in pairs. Custom Welsh handcrafted leather sleepers provide optimum comfort in both lie-flat and upright seat positions. Each seat features customised privacy surrounds, a four-way adjustable headrest, individual storage ottomans, and personal in-flight entertainment systems with large, 24” high definition monitors.

Lavatories throughout the interior have been customised to feel residential and modern, with stained grey veneer oak cabinetry, large mirrors, updated vanity lighting and premium lavatory fittings to ensure a refreshing journey. In the very aft of the aircraft, the crew and chef will be busy preparing meals and pulling wine from the dedicated wine cellar, a beautiful compartment filled with crystal glass storage, wine racks and a chiller. Greenpoint’s favourite aspect of the project was the refined, residential feel that has been achieved within such a large Boeing 777 wide-body airplane is truly unique. Guests will receive the comfort and stability of a wide-body, with the personal space and intimate feel of a boutique hotel. The social lounge with sofas, dining tables and stand up bar is simply unheard of in this industry. The interior will urge guests to meander, visit with other guests and discover each social setting. The design offers excess space for guests to travel comfortably and relax, wander, socialise and dine. Greenpoint Technologies

This unique interior design concept will come to life on Crystal AirCruises’ VIP Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. The aircraft is customised to the highest standards of aviation design, and will be a game changer for the luxury air travel industry. The strategy was to embed Crystal AirCruises’ value and culture into the interior design of the aircraft, and every detail has been evaluated to fit the luxury brand. The aircraft is on schedule to redeliver on-time for its maiden voyage in Fall 2017. “From the beginning, Crystal AirCruises embedded the vision of providing the ultimate experience and luxury of travel for its guests. We teamed closely with Crystal AirCruises’ design team to understand their ship designs and brand value, and while pulling similarities we embraced the company’s unique experience in flight. I believe guests will enter and feel excitement, refinement and ultimate care,” explains Annika Wicklund, Greenpoint Design Director.

Greenpoint Technologies, inc.